The Top Guidelines On Elementary Online Fashion Systems

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Choosing Sensible Secrets In

Family walks Our daughter Molly is now two years old and I would like to think I am being a good role model for her. I grew up overweight and I don’t want the same for her. Myself and Conor always try to fit in a family walk on a Sunday – it’s great for her. Since I finished on the show I started a new job. I am working with Meath Local Sports Partnership. Our vision is to get “more people, more active, more often” in Meath. At the moment I am working closely with communities helping them become more active through walking. There are 14 community groups in Meath planning weekly walks in their local areas to coincide with Operation Transformation for the next 8 weeks. I went from couch to 10k in the short space of a few months after the show. I was the proud ambassador for the Dublin Women’s Mini Marathon in June and the Cook Medical Women’s Mini Marathon Limerick in October.

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